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I'd been a SilverSneakers member for almost 1 year before my membership was terminated. One trainer's opinion was that I was hogging the ab machine.Hogging was how he described the situation.

All the other trainers would take their clients to another machine, then come back. Instead, he kept insisting, while I'm attempting finishing my abs. Instead of him accommodating me, he kept insisting that I accommodate him. I'm 54 years old and I wasn't resting on the machine, I was using it.

The rules never stated a specific time was too long, it was made by them, at that particular time. I wasn't asked , how long had I been on or how much longer will I be on. Fitness Connection's General Manager, Robert Berkowitz knew there was an issue because I told the trainer that I wanted to speak with him. The employee gave me the termination papers.

Isn't that suppose to be the manager's job, helping resolve issues like this? I knew then, if he wasn't concerned with my termination, for such an inappropriate reason, then he was condoning it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fitness Connection Usa Personal Trainer.

Reason of review: termination of gym membership.

Preferred solution: Include this grievance with the others against Fitness Connections. Let the public know..

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Certain machines are very limited, yet, I was allowed the time in which they assumed was adequate. After complaining, I was terminated.

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