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They are the worst people ever. I closed my account was told i would not have any money drafted out my account and 1 month later i was drafted money. Now I'm without water because if this. I called to asked why the manager was always busy never called back. So i called them and all they could say I'm sorry. Ya you are sorry because you are not the one without water. We were never read the paper work also never got a copy. They are scam artist Read more

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So we are not allowed to use the private rooms while they are empty? Those are only for classes? *** doesn't make sense, if I want to have like a private workout or an empty room for me to be able to do my thing, we are not allowed.

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100% by far the worst gym company I've ever been to! It's mainly the ubf trainers! They literally *** suck! Cancel on you almost every appt, switches trainers on you constantly, and the management doesn't do *** about! It was so bad that I will take time out of my day to make sure no one gets ripped off by UBF LIKE I AM!

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My debit card changed earlier this year, and as I am on disability and unable to get to the gym very often I didn't realize that I had not notified them of my new card number. Actually, I've never been to this gym but I'm hopeful so I kept my membership. So I received a letter from a collection agency for $139 for three failed debit card charges of $10.77 plus a $10 fee for each failed attempt. There were other charges which added up to the... Read more

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Terrible. Couldn't physically to the personal training and they refuse to refund me even if I have medical documentation submitted.

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Senior pool arobic class Pasadena location always have a problem.Pool and hot tub not clean and out of service.Ongoing problem.E ntire class has complained and has been ignored by management.

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Lied about all the fees then the DM and the employers are rude they don't know nothing about customer service all they talk about is the contract.

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It's the worst gym i have ever been to!! I cancelled my membership in 2015 i called them and they said it's all done and after 8 months i received a phone call from collection that i owe them $130 i denied to pay i understand it's not too much money to ruin my credit for but i will never pay them because it's a fraud and i don't *** understand why the government don't take any legal action against them??????? I just disputed with them through... Read more

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Lied about fees and horrible customer service. Do not join Fitness connection!

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I do not have time to go.. Due to working hoy es..

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