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Mienten contal de que te incri as y luego es un infierno salir del contrato no se inscriban Add comment

The steam room been out for about a month, and I believe the gym makes enough money to get fix . I've called corporate office , and the only ppl that answer is if you late on pymt . But I've ask for location! And it's private ! I do not think I'd fare ! Add comment

Their cancellation policy is ridiculous. In the contract, it says that you must send a letter to cancel. No where does it state that it HAS to be certified. I assumed they received my letter because I never heard from them again. Several months later I received a letter from a collections agency that I owed them $43.26. This shocked me not only because it was months later, but also because they... Read more

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They are a SCAM .. I AGREE .. They scammed my husband . Told him it would be one initial fee of 31.39 for a year and then 10.77 a month plus tax . That was when they opened in Feb. 2015 at the spring, tx , location . They said to get this price he had to join right now !!! So they hand him the papers to sign so it will be taken from his credit card , but they do not go over the papers with... Read more

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The gym itself is fine, the equipment and hours and even the monthly bill are all great. But then I lost my credit card and had to order a new one. I never got around to setting up my new credit card. I figured since there wasn't a contract it wouldn't be a big deal, my payments would just stop and my subscription would end. I was wrong about 5 months later I go a call from a collection agency... Read more

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*** you fitness connection what comes oround goes around karma is a *** Add comment

We have had a WONDERFUL trainer, Leon, for a number of months and had an appointment today, as usual. We checked in and no one mentioned that he had "been suspended". We went to the front desk when we could not see him in the gym and it was time for our session. That is when we were told he had "been suspended". All they said was that was no on available to train us today and they "were... Read more

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Cancelar finess connection por motivo de no poder asistir Add comment

I came to the greenspoint location with a member of fitness connection and had a guest pass, the pass states nothing about an ID and even has on there a 14 year old can come with a parent. 14 year olds don't have state ID's however I still brought a copy of my government issues ID. When I got there the people at the front desk were very rude and would not accept my ID. I feel like if that was the... Read more

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I contacted customer service and i went over what i was going to get charge with her and she assured me that $10.77 was going to show on my bank statement and as soon as she ran the card she told me that she charged $20.60 and just hung up on me without me Agreeing to the amount. Add comment

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