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Fitness Connection USA
Main address: PO Box 680768 77268-0768 Houston TX
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Have the copy of their receipt of me cancelling my MONTH TO MONTH membership -- supposed to be able to cancel by notifying the month before, which I did. Have their email confirming receipt of my cancellation dated 3 25 2014. Today I get a letter in the mailed dated 7 9 2014 asking for payment on my account of 207.85 or they will send me to a collection agency and ruin my personal credit... Read more

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Okay so one of the contract rule is that if you dont pay it will cancel yet this place jusT takes money from your card no matter how much money you have on it. Thats just dumb and knowbi owe my bank 200 for overdraft and the gym as well (i pay two other memberships) second i have to write a freaking letter to cancel this *** *** i tryed calling and they can pull up all sorts of info but cant... Read more

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they use some third party 800 service to cancel, which makes you go nuts while they try to keep you as a victim of lousy service. The people that work there, sign you up and tell you "you can cancel any time" what they don't tell you, they charge you the contract fees for leaving? I moved, and was told "if you move" can cancel. a complete rip off company, the people they hire are worse... Read more

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I'm new to this beautiful country and Fitness Connection is one of the places I first joined because I love to workout and I made a BIG mistake signing up over there. All they want is your MONEY. They lied to me about my agreement because everything was done verbally and made me sign on another agreement which I did not approve for. I never should have trusted the employees or the manager in the... Read more

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Gym is nice, although always crowded, but the worst thing is the scam that happens when you try to cancel! I went in and asked to end my membership. The receptionist said it had to be in writing. Wait... I can't cancel my membership in person, that doesn't seem right? Why would that be? Well.... I found out. After sending in a letter and moving, I began getting phone calls 6 months later saying I... Read more

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Took a membership 2 weeks ago, the location is not convenient and I wanted to null and void this membership. They advertise that there is no contract and since last week they are trying to let me know that either their system is down and/or they have to take more money until the cancellation takes effect, shich God knows when. On KHOU Channel 11 last week had an investigative report from... Read more

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I have signed in to their location in Reno NV. When I found they were overcharging my debit card due to their mistake they did not address my complaints. I sent a letter to their customer service requiring an immediate credit of the overcharge and proper compensation for the unauthorized use of my debit card. I have also instructed my bank not to deduct any amount to this company. Over the last... Read more

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FC is the worst place I have ever worked for. They look for every reason to dock your pay, write you up, or fire you. The pay is terrible. Being a trainer for 6 years, 40% of a session is an embarrassment and insulting to me. The corporate bosses actually think they are doing me a favor paying me 40% of a session. My clients are not treated fairly by the company. I do my best to take care of my... Read more

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I went in to sign myself up to Fitness Connection. They have a huge sign that says NO CONTRACT. I went in, I've joined gyms before that really have no contracts but FITNESS CONNECTION will make you sign contracts. The guy who signed me up, his name is Jon, asked me if you knew anyone else who wants to sign up and I said maybe, so he told me that I could put $10 down to reserve their spot. I... Read more

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Fitness Connection of Houston Texas is scamming their current members who wish to cancel their gym memberships. When I first signed up at this gym I was told by the manager that if I ever wanted to quit that I just come up there and let them know. Well as luck may have it they have a new policy now. I went to the gym to cancel and I was told that all cancellations now have to go through their... Read more

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