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I contacted customer service and i went over what i was going to get charge with her and she assured me that $10.77 was going to show on my bank statement and as soon as she ran the card she told me that she charged $20.60 and just hung up on me without me Agreeing to the amount. Add comment

Bottom line don't and I mean DONT sign up with fitness connection just realized they have been taking out of my bank account for over 5 years and was sure that I was cancelled long ago and they won't even help with any type of compensation...... Add comment

I walked in to the gym this morning for I sycling class,the instructor gave as the new about the class been cancel on Fridays..... We love the class and wander if we can get it back ....PLEASE!!! Thank you !! Add comment

Why when you cancel with this gym on a month to month it takes them 60 day for the cancellation to go through, while they keep billing you? This is what makes joining a gym not worth it and they just keep calling and calling. Out side of paying them is there a way to get them to stop calling? It's to much first they take to much money out my account and it took two months to get it back and not... Read more

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I was given a business card with a website. I went home tried the website on both my laptop and cell phone and kept getting an error message. I called the gym and told the clerk on the phone, he asked me IF I WAS SPELLING IT CORRECTLY.... Are you Freaking kidding me??? (http//<---- DOES NOT WORK!!! I then told him, "So there is no way for me to walk in to the gym... Read more

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Please PLEASE PLEASE think twice about joining this gym. The cancellation policy is ridiculous. They require you to send in a letter to the HQ. Now remember dont forget to track the letter because if you dont it seems to get 'lost'. Believe me, im not the only person who this has happened to. Problem is, even after I have sent in the letter AND recieved acknowledgement that it was recieved I have... Read more

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I canceled my membership according to the Houston Greenpoint location over a year ago. Today I checked my account and saw unauthorized charges. I contacted the customer services and was told my account was still active with an outstanding balance. They are crooks and stay away from this gym! Add comment

FITNESS CONNECTIONS does not know how to do business but do know how to take your money. If there's a problem on your end you say something they stick you with a fee. Then they blow up your phone to let you know you owe more money.I guess the saying isv true you get what you pay for . Poor communication! Signed I will not come back! Add comment

This is the worst gym to workout at of you are serious about getting in shape. It is dirty and the training is a joke!! Add comment

Fitness Connection If you ever decide to join Fitness Connection and provide them with your bank acct # or your credit card. You better be ready to wait a LONG time to Cancel your agreement. First they make you wait for a full month after you tell them that you want to cancel the membership. Second They won't cancel your membership at any of their locations unless you go to a website Third the... Read more

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